Oil and Gas Courses

Below is a list of our courses and the oder they are taken

Aug 1st

1. Land and Marine Seismic Technical Course

Aug 8th

2. Health, Safety and Environment

Aug 15th

3. Rift-Fill & Lacustrine Basin Exploration Course

Aug 22nd

4. Geology of African Rift System

Aug 29th

5. Seismic Acquision, Processing and Interpretation

Aug 29th

5.1. Fundamentals of Exploration Geophysics

Sept 5th

6. Gravity & Magnetic Methods and Applications

Sept 12th

7. Sequence Stratigraphy

Sept 19th

8. Lacustrine Geology

Sept 26th

9. Turbidites

Oct 3th

11. Fundamentals of Well Logging and Petrophysics

Oct 10th

12. 3D Reservoir Characterization

Oct 24th

13. Reservoir Engineering

Oct 31th

14. Resource and Reserve Estimation

Nov 7th

15. Petroleum Economics and Risk Analyses

Nov 17th

16. Remote Sensing and GIS

Nov 21th

17. Play Based Exploration

Nov 28th

18. International Oil and Gas Contratcs

Dec 5th

19. Oil Spill

Dec 12th

20. Oil and Gas Project Management