Oil and Gas Fundamentals, Land and Marine Seismic Technical Course

A 5-day short course in a classroom with an introduction from Eva Peza of the Oil and Gas fundamentals

starts: 07/11 10:30 AM

This course gives an overview of the seismic principles and operations. The reason for undertaking marine geophysical, the type of operations and a review of the key systems will be explained throughout this course.

Lecture and Discussions Topics:

• Seismic Fundamentals
• Description of P and S waves
• The seismic reflection coeficient
• Hygens principle
• Seismic signal generation
• Snell’s Law
• Velocity
• The geophone array arrangements
• Nyquists theorem
• Surveys and CMP Method
• Common reflection point
• Horizontal wavelength and wavenumber
• Stack array
• F-K transforms
• Seismic Source test
• Marine Seismic Surveys, etc.