Oil Spill, IMO level 1 Training

A 5-day short course in a classroom with theory and hands-on practice

starts: 07/11 10:30 AM

This class gives an overview of the main causes of marine oil spills. This introduction helps in predicting the behavior of the spilled oil. The class comprises an overview of the “tool kit” response and makes participants familiar with the contingency plan and the roles of different entities in it. Also this training gives an overview of the main issues related to the oil spill response such as waste handling, health, safety and management.

Lecture and Discussions Topics:

• Contingency Planning
• Spill oil behavior, fate and effects
• Health and Safety
• Response planning and strategies
• Booms and Skimmers
• Absorbent materials
• Operation planning
• Post incident debriefing
• Shoreline clean up
• Dispersant systems
• Waste handling
• Sampling techniques
• Environmental considerations
• Command control and communication
• Evidence gathering