Reservoir Engineering

A 5-day short course in a classroom with theory and hands-on practice

starts: 07/11 10:30 AM

During the first 3 days key reservoir engineering concepts such as reservoir drive mechanisms, volumetrics, petroleum fluid properties and recovery factors will be introduced as tools. Remaining 2 days will take the participants through basic concepts of Reservoir Simulation modules. Participants will be introduced to the building of simple simulation models using Petrel and ECLIPSE Software. History matching and Prediction exercises will also be carried out during the course

Lecture and Discussions Topics:

• Reservoir engineering overview
• Fundamentals of reservoir phase behavior
• Darcy’s Law and fundamentals of fluid flow
• Reservoir rock properties
• Fluid statics and fluid distribution
• Reservoir drive mechanisms
• Oil and gas well performance
• Oil displacement concepts
• Hydrocarbon reserves volumetric method
• Well decline curve analyses
• Material balance concepts
• Principles of well testing
• Building a simulation model in Petrel
• History Match