Gravity and Magnetic Methods and Applications

A 5-day short course in a classroom with theory and hands-on practice

starts: 07/11 10:30 AM

This course will address fundamentals of gravity and magnetic methods and applications to oil and gas exploration. Gravity and magnetic data acquisition, overview of processing work flows and products and their applications will be discussed alongside some examples and hands on exercises. We will address the important role of potential field methods in geophysical exploration. Applications to mineral and groundwater exploration will also be examined. At the end of this course students should attain mastery in:

Lecture and Discussions Topics:

• The basic principles of gravity and magnetic methods
• Gravity and magnetic data acquisition
• Reduction of gravity data
• Understanding of the geoid
• Understanding of the principles of isostasy and isostatic compensation
• Application of different mathematical filters for the enhancement of gravity and magnetic data
• Interpretation of gravity and magnetic data
• Case studies in oil and gas and mineral exploration