Lacustrine Sequence Stratigraphy

A 5-day short course in a classroom with theory and hands-on practice

starts: 07/11 10:30 AM

Lacustrine sequence stratigraphy is the foundation of any play assessment over a lake basin. Through a mixture of exercises and lectures this course will train geologists on how to think about and interpret lacustrine stratigraphy. The course emphasis will be on getting students comfortable with the complexity of lake deposits. Controls on these systems will be assessed at a variety of scales, from seismic to core, to aid in the understanding of source rock and reservoir distribution and the interplay between carbonate and clastic facies. By the end of the course student should be able to develop their own drilling prospects and explain the associated geologic risks and uncertainties.

The course covers the following: sequence staking geometries, stratigraphic analysis and correlation, tectonics, climatic and base level controls on facies distributions, chronostratigraphy, identification of sequence boundaries, subsidence relationships, reservoir types, reservoir unit dimensions and connectivity

Lecture and Discussions Topics:

• Lake Terminology
• Controls on Lacustrine Carbonates
• Lake depositional processes
• Fauna and Flora
• Diageneses
• Facies types
• Reservoir units
• Earth Model