Catherine Logan

A lacustrine sedimentary geologist, Katherine has a broad experience in lake systems and applied sequence stratigraphy. She started her career at Alta Mesa Holdings in 2010 as a geologist and trained in lacustrine and marine stratigraphy. Her interest in lacustrine geology led to her accepting a position with the Utah Geological Survey and Green River Consortium at the Colorado School of Mines in 2013. Here she furthered her lacustrine studies working projects in the Uinta Basin. Her primary responsibilities were to asses the lower reservoirs of the Green River formation by developing a sequence stratigraphic model and analyzing pore types and digenesis. Her work was pivotal in helping operators understand variations in reservoir quality within this iconic lacustrine system.

While doing research at the Colorado School of Mines, Katherine assisted in building material for several field trips to the Uinta and Pieance Basin’s. She became an expert in seismic sequence stratigraphy and has worked the Paradox Basin, North Sea, Norwegian Sea, Offshore California La Jolla area, Michigan Basin and North Platte River Basin. For a short time in 2014 she worked with Marathon Oil in their Equatorial Guinea Team evaluating shelf prospects. In 2015 Katherine left Mines to work with Devon Energy as a geologist in Oklahoma City. During her time at Devon she worked with marine carbonate shelf and deepwater reef systems in the Midland Basin. Here her responsibilities included developing and communicating sequence stratigraphic concepts within the business unit and ensuring their application was applied to business goals. Katherine also has experience studying and teaching concepts on tidal estuary systems (Colorado and France), extensional lacustrine systems (Angola), Alluvial Systems (California and Colorado), fluvial systems (Wyoming, Delaware Basin, Texas), and Carbonate shelf systems (Australia, Belize, Midland Basin, Cuba, Turks and Cocos and San Salvador).

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