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Uhuru Porini

Founded by a passion for travel, curiosity of the wild and the love for nature. They are a young generation that specializes in the art of private guiding and photography. Their company is locally owned and our team is small, so you will get to know all of them by name..

Apogee Tours

Apogee Tours and Safaris Ltd is an exceptional tours and safaris company that has been creating magical journeys to the very heart of Africa. Our range of services explore the forgotten treasures of Africa, particularly Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.

Ignite Rwanda

Ignite Rwanda is your platform to find information and stay updated about the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Rwanda. Whether you are a student dreaming to start your own business, an existing entrepreneur wanting to grow , a cooperative in search for support systems, an organisation supporting start-up businesses, or an investor looking to support promising businesses , Ignite Rwanda is the platform for you.

Training, Technology and Innovation Center of Excellence

TTICER is the right place for all professionals, young and seasoned that are interested in both personal and professional growth. Beside individuals, we support the growth of the oil and gas industry organizations with both employees career path guidance and team building techniques for the best performance results and higher profits.

Gahigiro Capital

Gahigiro Capital is a corporate finance and advisory services firm, uniting capital with opportunities across sub-Saharan Africa. We focus on equity and debt capital raising, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as well as strategy advisory for growing and established companies in Africa.

Gahaya Links

At gahaya links, they believe that the economic empowerment of women provides the foundation for acheiving sustainable peace and developement in rwanda. Their model revolves around this belief.

Kivu Noir

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Welcome to 25 years of Rwanda – Netherlands Justice Cooperation

In the past 25 years, Rwanda has made sustained efforts to build its justice sector from scratch. The Netherlands, in collaboration with other partners, has supported Rwanda throughout this journey by sharing knowledge and expertise, providing budget support to the Ministry of Justice, training prosecutors, setting up legal aid clinics, construction of justice sector institutions, supporting trauma healing and community based sociotherapy initiatives, basically contributing to building and strengthening the entire justice sector.

Chillington | Foundry and Manufacturing

We conduct design activities and Pattern making workshops tomanufacture patterns. Our success in grinding media patterns has been proven through years of grinding media production in Rwanda.