My Story ……

I am one of the most exquisite earthly delicacies, an all organic wine from the country of thousand hills and million smiles, brought to life with love and care by the Carmelite Sisters of Rwanda. I smell heavenly, I look gorgeous like a goddess and I taste of warm caramel notes that linger, finishing with an aroma of unfolding, crisp citrus. Now that I am few years old, my Carmelites want me to spread my wings and go travel the world. Please take me with you, as I am a very precious gift!

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Please meet our collections

At Serendipity Gardens of Rwanda we are proud to introduce to you our Kigali Collection of “La Carmela Delice” and Rusizi Collection of “Le Secret des Grands Lacs”.

La Carmela Delice

Le Secret des Grands Lacs