Rod Graham

Rod Graham studied Geology in the University of Wales, graduated with first class honours and went on to do a PhD at Imperial College, London on the Precambrian basement rocks of the Western Isles of Scotland. After two years of post-doctoral work on geological strain in crystalline rocks he took up a lectureship in structural geology at the University of Wales at Swansea and his research interest shifted first to the Precambrian rocks of Africa, then to the structure and evolution of the French Alps.

After thirteen years at Swansea, Rod joined BP taking Structural Geology and New Ventures roles which enabled him to see the geology of a great deal of the world. The last years at BP were spent in Colombia at the time of the discovery and early development of the giant fields of the Llanos foothills, and Rod developed a fascination with Colombia and its geology which eventually took him from BP to various consultant, business development and exploration manager roles in smaller companies (Monument, LASMO and Emerald)

After Emerald, Rod took up a new global consulting role within the Hess Corporation which included substantial amount of regional work in salt provinces, particularly the Gulf of Mexico. He retired from Hess four years ago to consult independently, maintaining particularly close links with ION, and also with several university departments (especially Imperial College, London where he is now a visiting professor). Rod has published on a wide range of issues concerning structural geology and continues to do fieldwork on salt tectonics in the sub-Alpine region of Haute Provence.

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