Eva Peza

Eva Peza is the Managing Director of Black Swan Energy Services. She is a Senior Reservoir Geologist/Reservoir Modeller, Adviser and Supervisor. In 2004, Eva started working with Schlumberger, first with Petrel, a 3D Reservoir Characterization Software, then built, in 2009, their 3D Reservoir Characterization Industry Training (Deep Blue 2).

Since 2007, Eva has also been an Adjunct Professor at Oklahoma University and Oklahoma State University and a 3D Senior Reservoir Geologist/Modeller, Adviser, Supervisor for Devon Energy, since 2011.In 2013, Eva founded Black Swan Energy Services as a company that provides integrated services to the oil and gas industry.

Starting as a Field Engineer and evolving to a 3D Reservoir Geologist/Modeller, Adviser and Supervisor, working in integrated teams, through her work Eva has collected expert knowledge, in understanding the oilfield tools, data and interpretations; in integrating all data and interpretations possible for 3D Reservoir Characterization of Unconventional and Conventional Reservoirs; understanding all data involved and the best use of their information for well placement, landing points, completion design, underground gas storage, production optimization, etc.; designing sophisticated and/or fit for purpose workflows based on the company needs and data available; designing efficient data collection programs for successful exploration and field development plans; in training, advising and supervising staff and understanding the functionality of the integrated teams for the best reservoir characterization and enhancement of the company profits. Her expertise is in Unconventional and Conventional Reservoirs and her main focus for the last few years has been Woodford Shale, Mississippian Limestone and Eagleford Shale. Eva’s other interests are innovative and breakthrough technologies, creativity and innovation in workplace. Lately her focus is developing the oil and gas potential of Rwanda along with its local human capacity and foundation of oil and gas industry in the country.

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