Ask the Experts

Have you run into a dilemma or challenge in your entrepreneurship journey that you need external advice on? Or would you like inputs from experts on how to make the next steps in a specific area of your business? Ignite Rwanda’s panel of experts is ready to give you advice and guidance to take your business to the next level.

The panel consists of experts within a wide variety of areas – from taxation and accounting, marketing and sales, to business concept and innovation. In the panel are national and international experts from the private and public sectors, NGO as well as successful entrepreneurs.

How to do it:

Write your question or dilemma to our online panel of experts and get their view on your situation We will select new questions weekly and direct them to the members of the panel with expertise in that specific area. Answers will be posted on this site and shared on social media.

Meet the panel

Livingstone Nkuusi, Business Development Fund (BDF)
Pascal Murasira, Hollanda Fairfoods
Colombe I.Ndutiye, INCO Fashion
Maia Gedde, Spark Rwanda
Joy S. Rwamwenge